Career eMentoring for Teens and Young Adults

Pick a guide; create a plan.

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We Are Looking for eMentors!

Job description: Working and retired adults, parents, and mature college students,
ready to volunteer 15 minutes per week from your computer as online mentors for teens and young adults.
Must be willing to write about and share your own "college" and career story.

All PA eMentors receive ACT 153 child safety certification.

We Are Looking for Schools and Teachers...

...who want to provide their students with a secure mentoring and career planning program
through which the student can select an online guide who will help them to create a personalized college and career plan.

Rural schools and organizations serving disadvantaged youth are especially encouraged to participate.

What is PA eMentoring?

Adults serving as online mentors for high school students and young adults -- helping them plan and prepare for college and career success.

  •   One-to-one, in-school online mentoring
  •   An internet-based curriculum
  •   Safe and secure
  •   Easy and convenient for the mentor
  •   Fun for the mentee
  •   Adults sharing their school and career experiences with students
  •   Helping high school kids create college and career plans
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PA eMentoring is a program of Smart Futures

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